Projects in biomedical engineering are different

MedSysCon owns a long and successful history in managing med tech projects. We are able to combine our compliance expertise with best-in-class project management. We implement valid processes and solutions that can be quickly adapted by your organization. Doing so, all legal framework requirements are efficiently fulfilled.

Our Team looks back to years of experience in project management. We have been successful in diverse roles: project leads, consultants and coaches. We support you professionally as well as adequately.

Project management for medical devices

Projects in medical technology are subject to a wealth of framework conditions. In addition to national and international regulatory requirements, there is a strong direct or indirect involvement of the competent authorities, such as the FDA. In the European context, cooperation with the Notified Body (s) plays a crucial role. The direct involvement of healthcare providers and patients also leads to the conclusion that projects in medical technology are different! Only trust companies that feel at home in this environment and know the difference to other areas.

MedSysCon supports and advises you in all phases of your projects through the acquisition of specialized tasks, such as specification, risk management, documentation and project planning. Together we will create effective and efficient strategies for your development and approval projects.

MedSysCon: Projektmanagement für Medizinprodukte

Project management for medical devices

Projects in biomedical engineering are different!

Your Benefits

  • Successful project support by experienced project leaders in medical technology
  • Increasing efficiency and quality through intelligent requirements management in collaboration with users and customers
  • Higher acceptance and adaptation of new processes and rules due to professional and proactive change management
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